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Director, HSI-STEM

Inez Barragan

Inez Barragan


Phone: 408-855-5060
Email: [email protected]
Office Location: SEC-350
Department: HSI-STEM

Inez is a first-generation college graduate with 20+ yrs. experience working to advance Latinx and other underrepresented students into STEM careers, across all three CA Higher Ed systems: CSU, UC and Community Colleges. On a national level, she serves as the VP of Governance for AHSIE, the Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institution Educators.

She has a background with EOPS/CARE, CAFYES, Outreach, Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI) policies, grants and initiatives. Her work is primarily inspired by many community college faculty-leaders, counselors, students and mentors who guided her academic journey, and deeply held familial values on advocacy/speaking-up, extending opportunities, and nurturing, caring for, and strengthening communities.

Although born and raised primarily in rural Sonoma County, Inez's personal journey extends to a life in Michoacán Mexico on and off for 10 years.  Her father was not supportive of her attending college in the U.S. despite high grades and strong financial aid/scholarships, so she earned her high school equivalency degree at 16, prior to another move to Mexico.

While there, she taught English at an agricultural middle school, took high school classes, provided English classes for young children in the summer, and ultimately began a career in banking.

However, once married, she could no longer keep her job, and eventually returned to California. She's the mother of two daughters, one born in Mexico and the other in the U.S. -most of their childhood was spent with Inez attending SRJC and UCD, as a poor, full-time student and single mother due to divorce.

While at UCD, Inez worked as a Reentry Peer Advisor and as a College of Ag, Human & Community Development major Advisor, which led to her passion for assisting students, for problem solving and advocating for change on behalf of students, especially first-generation, underrepresented and those facing financial hardships while pursuing their dream of a college degree.


  • Masters in Higher Education Leadership, Student Affairs
    • California State University, Sacramento
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Behavioral Science (emphasis in Multicultural Education)
    • University of California, Davis
  • Associate of Arts
    • Santa Rosa Junior College

Fast Facts

Inez loves working at Mission College in support of the STEMLink grant, the SEA Program initiatives, Caring Campus, Community Conversations, the Mission College Colectiva, College Council, SSC and the Return to Campus Planning Team.  More than anything, she feels fortunate and privileged to work with her HSI STEM family - Lusyna, Mario, Raiida, Jorge and Brian Goo, acting OIR Director.  Her free time is spent connecting with family and friends, hiking, cycling, cooking, listening to music, dancing, watching movies, following sports and caring for her dogs, Brewster and Milo.

Favorite Quote

"Do we settle for the world as it is, or do we work for the world as it should be?" ~ Michelle Obama