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Full-Time Faculty

Jean Replicon

Jean Replicon

Full-Time Faculty

Phone: (408)855-5267
Email: [email protected]
Office Location: SC1-132-1D
Department: Biological Sciences


Ph.D in Molecular Biology, with focus in Field Biology, Loyola University of Chicago in 1991

B.A. in Biology, Northwestern University, Evanston in 1984

Courses Taught

BIOSC10 Intro to Biology

BIOSC10L Intro to Biology Lab

BIOSC 16 Marine Biology

BIOSC30 Tropical Ecology 


Fast Facts

My husband and I chose "Replicon" as last name when we married in 1985. Replicon is a term that refers to a DNA or RNA molecule that can copy itself as a unit, beginning at a specific origin of replication

Favorite Quote

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.

~ John Muir