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Marsha Chan

Marsha Chan

Marsha Chan

Faculty Emeritus

Phone: (408)800-5314
Email: [email protected]
Department: ESL


  • B.A. French, B.A. Art
    • Stanford University
  • M.A. Curriculum and Instruction, with an emphasis on Foreign Language and Bilingual Education
    • Stanford University
  • Additional coursework at the University of California at Berkeley, the San José State University, De Anza College, Foothill College, and Mission College

Honors and Awards

Academic Presentations and Workshops

Professor Chan has given hundreds of professional workshops at conferences and educational institutions in the United States and abroad.

Pronunciation Doctor's Youtube Channel

As the Pronunciation Doctor, Marsha Chan provides hundreds of free video lessons for learners of English.

Online Vocabulary Quiz Site

200 practice quizzes with the 2000 most frequent words in the English language are available for free on Marsha Chan's Multiple Concordance Online Vocabulary Quiz Site

Pronunciation Doctor's Blogs

Blogs for teachers' professional development & blogs for learners of English.


Courses Taught

ESL 920 - High Beginning English as a Second Language
ESL 930 - ECC for Child Care, Part 1 (formerly 930CC-A)
ESL 940 - ECC ESL for Child Care, Part 2 (formerly 930CC-B)
ESL 930GW - High Beginning Grammar & Writing
ESL 930LC - High Beginning Listening & Culture
ESL 930LS - High Beginning Listening & Speaking
ESL 930RV - High Beginning Reading & Vocabulary
ESL 940GW - Low Intermediate Grammar & Writing
ESL 940LC - Low Intermediate Listening &s Culture
ESL 940LS - Low Intermediate Listening & Speaking
ESL 940RV - Low Intermediate Reading & Vocabulary
ESL 950GW - Intermediate Grammar & Writing
ESL 950LS - Intermediate Listening & Speaking
ESL 950PL - Intermediate Pronunciation & Listening
ESL 950RV - Intermediate Reading & Vocabulary
ESL 960LS - High Intermediate Listening & Speaking
ESL 970AM - Accent Modification
ESL 970LS - Advanced Listening & Speaking
ESL 970G - Advanced Grammar & Editing
CA 046C - Introduction to Microsoft Powerpoint for Speech Communication
CA 046D - Introduction to Microsoft Powerpoint
CA 046E - Intermediate Microsoft Powerpoint
and custom courses for workplace clients

Fast Facts
  • Fifth generation Chinese-American
  • Primary language: English. Additional languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese
  • Custodian and displayer of the Mission College Chinese Dragon Kite 1988-2015
  • Author of print and digital learning materials