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Elbina Rafizadeh

Elbina Rafizadeh

Elbina Rafizadeh

Associate Faculty

Phone: 408-855-5374
Email: [email protected]
Office Location: GC-235
Department: Health Occupations


BSN California State University Long Beach
MSN San Jose State University

Courses Taught/Syllabi

Medical Terminology (AH003)
Health and Lifestyles (HED002)


Articles with
"Dying at Home: The Role of Hospice and Palliative Care" (2012)
"Aging, Spirituality, and Healthcare" (2011)
"Lifestyle Choices for Health: Meditation, Yoga, and Diet" (2011)
"End of Life: Understanding Pain of the Terminally Ill" (2012)
"Healthcare Delivery Comparison" (2012)
"Human Trafficking: Public Health Implications" (2012)
"Journaling for Stress and Disease Management" (2011)


California Pan-Ethnic Healthcare Network

American Public Health Association

Fast Facts

Elbina likes traveling to Italy, India, and the Philippines. She loves to garden, where her 3 cats abide.

Favorite Quote

"So when you fall of the horse, you get up and dust off and get back on again. Life is short." ~ Jim Harbaugh