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Court Mandated Courses

Court Mandated Courses

For over two decades, Mission College Community Education has worked with the Santa Clara County Courts and Probation Departments to provide effective and comprehensive drug, alcohol and anger management education. All workshops are conducted by licensed Psychotherapists/Marriage & Family Therapists experienced in educating and counseling minors, adults and couples. Workshops may be referred or mandated, but are open to anyone for any purpose.

Drug Diversion, Anger Management, Shoplifting/Petty Theft and Health Education Programs that satisfy court requirements. Each class is held one time per month.


*NOTE: Registration closes at 4:00pm the Thursday before each class. No walk-ins will be accepted on the day of the class. Students must bring a copy of their registration confirmation to present to the instructor. 

Maps and Directions

Refund Policy: Please be advised that if you miss any portion of a class, a certificate will not be issued and you will be required to pay a re-scheduling fee of $50 to attend another class. There will be no refunds for missing your scheduled class. If students need to cancel or reschedule their class, they must do so no later than 48 hours prior to the class date. No refund will be issued for failure to cancel in advance.

1. Register online.

Mission College - Student Engagement Center 332
3000 Mission College Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
9:00am - 4:00pm
Wednesday, Friday
9:00am - 3:00pm
(Closed for Lunch Daily)

Payment by Credit Card (VISA and Mastercard Only), Money Order, Cash (NO Personal checks) 

Complete registration form and mail to:

Mission College
Community Education  - SEC 332
3000 Mission College Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95054

 Anger Management - $150*

This 4-hour Saturday course is for clients cited or arrested for domestic disturbances or situations needing conflict resolution or for individuals looking to improve these skills. The courts, employers, parents, teachers or the probation department may refer clients to this class. Referrals may be accepted from other agencies or self-referred.This class is expandable up to 32 hours (by arrangement with additional fees). Students completing this course will be better equipped to deal with daily stressors and manage specific anger-provoking situations. Students will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the class. Course Covers:

  • Conflict resolution techniques and theories and components of anger.
  • Stress management techniques and communication skills training.
  • The effect of other anger on self and others.

* expandable up to 28 hours by arrangement with additional fees, please call in for classes more than 4 hours.

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Minors in Possession of Alcohol and Other Controlled Substances- Substance Abuse Diversion  - $160

This 6-hour Saturday course for clients under 21 years of age who have been cited for possession and use of alcohol and other drugs. Referrals are made by the courts, employers, parents, teachers or the probation department. Referrals may also be accepted from other agencies or self-referred.Course Covers:

  • California laws and legal consequences regarding Alcohol and Drug use.
  • Alcoholism/Addiction information and risk factors for youth using Alcohol or other Drugs.
  • Binge drinking among adolescents and drinking and driving.

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Marijuana and Other Controlled Substances- Substance Abuse Diversion - $160

A 6-hour Saturday class for clients who have been cited and or arrested for possession of Marijuana and are mandated by the courts, employers, parent or probation department. Referrals may also be accepted from other agencies or self-referred.

  • California laws and legal consequences regarding Marijuana possession and use.
  • Bio PsychoSocial issues related to Marijuana use.
  • Addiction and relapse prevention.
  • The effects and dangers of illegal substance use.

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Petty Theft/ Shoplifting $150 

This course is designed to help clients examine their behavior, attitudes, and actions and to assist clients in identifying negative behaviors that lead to theft. Students will learn how to identify the necessary steps that would allow them to curb compulsive behaviors and make better decisions and judgments that will lead to a positive change in their lives.

  • Impulse control and alternative behavior
  • Cause, effect and consequences of committing theft
  • Taking control and being responsible for one's own attitudes and behaviors
  • Identifying and distinguishing between wants and needs
  • Goal setting and establishing priorities
  • Defining and clarifying personal values
  • Stress management, self motivation and trust building exercises
  • Identifying and defining positive behavior and attitude for a crime free life
  • Identifying positive role models and friends
  • Discussing peer pressure and utilizing methods and techniques in resisting peer pressure

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