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Students with Developmental Disabilities

What is the Program for Students with Developmental Disabilities?
The Program for Students with Developmental Disabilities (PSDD) is a division of the Community Education Department at Mission College. The Program for Students with Developmental Disabilities (PSDD) serves adults who have developmental disabilities from the community in Santa Clara County.

When and where do we offer classes?
Classes for the PSDD are on the Mission College campus at 3000 Mission College Blvd., with a convenient parking lot for pickup as well as a bus stop served by routes 57 and 60.

Students in the program belong to one of three teams, and some teams meet off campus in specified community locations to provide ample time for enriching community experiences away from the Mission College setting. Classes are held from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM Monday through Friday, with occasional extended days to accommodate distance field trips, such as a train ride to San Francisco's Union Square. Students receive instruction according to their Individual Program Plan (IPP), focusing on a variety of skill areas including but not limited to academic, communication, domestic, leisure, social, consumer and vocational skills carried out in classroom and various community settings.

Who are the students and what are the qualifications?

PSDD serves adults within the Santa Clara County community who have developmental disabilities, including but not limited to autism, pervasive developmental disorder, mental retardation, and other health impairments. PSDD serves individuals who have been referred to the program by the San Andreas Regional Center (SARC).

Our sister college, West Valley College, hosts the College of Adaptive Arts, a new path for adults with special needs.