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Services Provided

STEM Learning Center

The STEM Learning Center is the central resource hub for students who are interested in pursuing a major in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines at Mission College.

Services currently available to students include tutoring in many STEM subjects from our MESA tutors, four computers for student use, a quiet place for individual and group study, internship opportunities with local STEM companies, and career advising.

Major funding for the STEM Learning Center comes from the Federal Title III AANAPISI Part F Grant. For more information about the STEM Learning Center, come visit the center on the first floor of the Science Building, room SCI-131, call the AANAPISI Program Office at (408) 855-5261.


STEM Week Mission College is an opportunity for our campus community to learn about careers in STEM fields, advances in technology, and hear from inspirational speakers about resilience and determination in their respective careers.

Some of the activities that we’ve had in the past include: Presentation by Astronaut Jose Hernandez, Forensic Science and Crime Laboratory Presentation, Virtual Reality Activities, Facebook Employee Panels, Ecology Fairs, Women in STEM Panels, High School Outreach Days, and many other activities.

Others Include:
  • Faculty Engagement
  • APIASF/AANAPISI Scholarship
  • College Visits and Career Exploration Activities