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Tropical Ecology - Travel to Costa Rica for Spring Break! March 25-April 1, 2023

Tropical Ecology

Travel to Costa Rica for Spring Break! March 25 - April 1, 2023

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Tropical Ecology Courses

Take one or both of these transferrable classes.

  • BIO 30 (3 Units - Spring 2023)
  • BIO 30L or 31L (1 Unit - Spring Break 2023 - Travel Abroad)


  • Guided walks on an extensive trail system
  • “Skywalk” on bridges through cloud forest canopy.
  • Visit a Butterfly Garden
  • Meet scientists
  • Snorkeling
  • Birdwatching
  • Guided night hikes
  • Medicinal plant garden tour

Take One or Both Classes

These classes are UC and CSU transferrable, and can be taken as Pass/No Pass. BIO 030 when taken with BIO 030L satisfy UC and CSU Natural Sciences with Lab requirement.

Offered Online Spring 2023 Lab Courses Offered Spring Break 2023
BIO 030 (3.0 Lecture)

The amazing diversity of life in the tropics is the subject of this introductory level class.

Students explore rainforest inhabitants and their relationships, and learn about their value and conservation.

This lecture course may be taken with or without BIOSC 030L, Tropical Ecology Lab.

BIO 030L (1.0 Lab)

In this introductory level class, students carry out research methods that ecologists use to observe and investigate tropical ecosystems.

This lab section is for students who take BIO 030 in Fall 2022.

If you want to take the study abroad trip without taking BIO 030 in Spring 2023, take BIO 031L (see information below.)

BIO 031L (1.0 Lab)
Offered Spring Break 2023 in Costa Rica

Students who take BIO 031L are not required to complete BIO 030, the lecture course in Tropical Ecology.

BIO 031L has the same course description as BIO 030L.

Program Costs for Spring Break Trip

Total program fee for travel to Costa Rica over Spring break including airfare, travel insurance, lodging, meals, transportation, entrance fees, and all activities have been approximately $2500 total. Full scholarships are available! 

Students must have a current and valid passport.

Watch a workshop about the program hosted by the professor - Tropical Ecology workshop.

  • An aerial shot of Costa Rica with a bright blue ocean and curving beach,
  • Accommodations for students.
  • A man holds a crab. He wears a green shirt.
  • A woman holds a beetle in her hand.
  • Students do fieldwork in a classroom with various plant life on a lab counter.
  • A man holds a lizard outside.
  • A hammock on the porch of accommodations for students in Costa Rica.
  • Students feed some local chickens.
  • Two leaves on a wooden table. "Mission College" is etched into one of them.
  • Students doing some fieldwork in a group outside on their Study Abroad trip in Costa Rica.
  • Two Howler Monkeys on a branch in Costa Rica.
  • Professor Replicon holding a lizard. She wears a shirt with shell and leaf patterns against a piece of dark fabric, has short dark hair, and wears glasses.
  • Wildlife on a lawn in Costa Rica.
  • A group of students participates in a fieldwork project in Costa Rica,
  • A group of students at the SFO airport waits for their flight to Costa Rica.
  • Two female students work with colored pencils, paper, and leaves in a classroom.
  • A brown and cream-colored sloth hangs from a branch in the jungles of Costa Rica.
  • The Costa Rica beach at Sunrise with a mountain in the background.
  • A man a woman pose for a photo. They wear outdoorsy clothing. The man holds an orange piece of equipment.
  • The Skywalk in Costa Rica is pictured (a suspended bridge supported by cables) in the jungle.