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Bui Cuong in a Chef Uniform.

I learned the front-of-the-house side of things at Mission, and how it's all tied together. For example, if the food is late because of the servers, that's not good. This helped me become a better event planner. I pursued Hospitality Management because I believe food has a special power. It connects people, and it's a celebration of life.

Bui Cuong '17

Culinary Graduate & Caterer

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Rhonda Manning in a Chef Uniform.

I was Inspired by my mother and grandmother's ability to create delicious traditional southern style dishes and feed the entire neighborhood. I opened the doors to my own business only four days after commencement! I love serving southern comfort food because it brings people together, nurtures community, and makes people happy.

Rhonda Manning '01

Chef, Owner of House of Soul Food

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Jeff Weiss

Chef, and Author of Charcuteria 

"Thanks to the education that I received as a graduate of Mission's Hospitality Management program, I have become a better chef, author, businessman, leader, and mentor. In fact, my degree from Mission College has been instrumental in opening doors and providing opportunities that I am still realizing--even to this day."

Oscar Ramirez

Purchasing Manager, San Jose Marriott

“I was working in a single family restaurant prior, for three to four years and I wanted to find a community college program in the food industry so I could transfer to a four-year university. This program is very intensive. I went to school so I could start my journey in the food and beverage industry.

I wanted to be a GM of a cruise ship or work for American Airlines. But I needed to start somewhere. (The program makes it) easier to understand the industry. It gives you a boost so you are able to move up faster.”
“Cost Control was hard, and Haze (Dennis) made it harder for me. But I appreciate that. At the end of the day, I was able to understand all points of view for any operation.”

Shubert Ho

Restauranteur in Seattle

"It really provided me with a basis and a foundation (for what I'm doing now). It's like when you take Spanish, 1, 2, 3 in high school and you don't know a lick of Spanish. It gives you a foundation and one day it finally comes to you. I know own two restaurants and a catering business up in Seattle and Mission College prepared my for that day."