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STEM Tutoring

We're here to help! If you are having trouble in one of your classes, stop by the Academic Support Center and we will get you started.

The Academic Support Center

 1st Floor of SEC
The Academic Support Center is located on the first floor of the Student Engagement Center. Tutoring is offered via drop-in, appointment, and/or group tutoring.

Math Study Tips and Resources

If you need a college Math tutor or general assistance with your Math courses, we offer many ways to access support. You may get started by reviewing online Math help through a selection of websites and articles.

On-Campus Tutoring and Study Spaces
Tutoring and Study Spaces
2nd Floor of Campus Center
on the second floor of the Campus Center offers various academic support services for students who have written verification of an eligible disability. More info at
1st Floor of SEC
Tutoring is available to all MESA students and no appointment is necessary. Tutoring is available it the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus-based Math. 
STEM Center
1st Floor of Science Center
offers tutoring and services for STEM related courses. Also includes a study space with a whiteboard.
TRIO • 1st Floor of SEC
tutoring is particularly focused on Statistics (Math 10) and developmental math courses. Services are for TRIO students, so please check with the office about program eligibility and available space.
The Veterans Service Center (VALOR)
2nd Floor of Campus Center
offers tutoring for veterans who receive VA benefits. Tutoring is led by fellow veterans. It is located on the second floor of the Campus Center.
Writing Center
1st Floor of SEC (inside Academic Tutoring Center)
offers one-on-one support on writing. Whether you need another set of eyes or help in writing a research paper.
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