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Honors Curriculum

In Mission College's Honors courses, you will be surrounded by other highly motivated students and get lots of personal attention in advanced college coursework. We have chosen some of Mission's best instructors to teach these courses which will meet transfer general education and major requirements.  Mission College Honors courses are CSU & UC transferable and include the following:

  • BIO 014H, Introductory Neuroscience - Honors, 3 units
  • BIO 017H, Genetics & Society - Honors, 3 units
  • CHM 001AH, General Chemistry - Honors, 5 units
  • CHM 001BH, General Chemistry II - Honors, 5 units
  • CHM 012BH, Organic Chemistry II - Honors, 5 units
  • COM 001H, Public Speaking - Honors, 3 units
  • COM 020H, Argumentation and Debate - Honors, 3 units
  • COU 007H, University Transfer Planning - Honors, 1 units
  • HIS 017AH, History of the United States to 1877 – Honors, 3 units
  • HIS 017BH, History of the United States since 1877 – Honors, 3 units
  • HIS 015H, World History to 1500 - Honors, 3 units
  • POL 001H, American Government - Honors, 3 units
  • PSY 001H, General Psychology - Honors, 3 units
  • PSY 015H, Introduction to Research Methods – Honors, 3 units
  • SOC 001H, Introduction to Sociology – Honors, 3 units
  • SOC 002H, Social Problems - Honors, 3 units

To view the detailed list of honors courses for a specific term, select Search for Courses from the Mission College home page, select all the subjects in the Subject box, select Mission College from the Campus box, select Honors from the Attribute Type box, then hit Class Search.