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Business Information Professional

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A Career Pathway Built For You

The Business Information Professional Pathway and Certificate equips you with the technical, communication and management skills in just three semesters. Start working or advance in your career quickly. Earn a certificate of achievement.

Prepare students for entry-level office and administrative  support positions (office administrative specialist, customer service rep, information clerk, office manager) in a variety of business workplace environments.

Skills Small Businesses Need

Our Students Learn Together

Join a cohort of students who have the same career goals, take the same classes and support one another through the program. Working together with a common goal helps students excel in their classes, and friendships often develop among the class members! 

Recommended Order of Courses
1st Semester 2nd Semester Third Semester
CAP 010A (1.0 units)
Learning the Keyboard
BUS 021 (3.0 units)
Business Computing
CAP 062B (1.0 units)
MS Excel
CAP 070 (1.0 units)
MS Windows
  BUS 078B (3.0 units)
Business Communication
CAP 033A (3.0 units)
Word Processing
  BUS 107 (2.0 units)
Soft skills for project managers
CAP 046D (1.0 units)
Intro to MS PowerPoint
  BUS 118 (3.0 units)
HR Management
CAP 071E (1.0 units)
MS Outlook 
  BUS 118 (3.0 units)
HR Management
Total Units: 7 units 3 units 9 units
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