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Getting Your Funds

BankMobile Refund and Disbursement Process

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The West Valley Mission District has partnered with BankMobile to deliver your financial aid refund. 

To receive your financial aid award disbursement, you must make your refund selection with BankMobile:

Calendar of Disbursement Dates  

*Dates subject to change without notification.

Semester Disbursement Dates* Important Dates*
1st Fall Disbursement 8-27-21 May include 1st Fall payment if enrolled by 8/25/2021 and file was completed by 7/31/2021. Payments will be disbursed every two weeks for newly completed files. 
2nd Fall Disbursement 10-29-21  
1st Spring Disbursement 1-28-22  
2nd Spring Disbursement 4-1-22  
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