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Cal Grant is contingent upon being enrolled in a qualifying program of study and meeting satisfactory academic progress. This fund is disbursed only ONCE a term after the census date for full-term courses; late start courses will not be paid after receiving first disbursement.

 Cal Grant recipients have the option to either apply the "Access" or "Books and Supplies" portion to outstanding balances on their accounts or request personal receipt of the funds prior to disbursement.  To request personal receipt of the funds, you must fill out the Cal Grant B/C Refunds Confirmation and submit it when your file is completed.  Please contact the Financial Aid office for more information.

 Cal Grant B funding is limited to four academic years.  In order to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree from a 4-year institution within the 4-year limit, students are encouraged to attempt 15 units or more per semester.  In order to meet this target at the community college level, you must also take 15 or more units, but no more than two years of Cal Grant award to maintain eligibility at a 4-year college.