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Campus Center from the outside, a modern looking building with lots of tinted glass windows. Two students sit outside at a table.

VALOR/Veterans Center

Counseling Appointments

Please contact us for more information.

VALOR Center Staff 

Debra Williams
Director of Veterans' Services and DSPS Program
[email protected]

School Certifying Officials

For GI benefits: Certifying Units to VA and Administrative Issues

Michael Lau, Enrollment Services Advisor, VA Certifying Official
Mission College Admissions & Records(408)855-5074 Admissions is located in the Student Engagement Center - Room 118

For Education Plan and Career Counseling

Melodie Cameron 
Counselor, Veterans' Services and DSPS Program
[email protected]

Manija Ansari Counselor, Veterans' Services [email protected]

Veteran's Resource Desk

Nguyet Tran, Program Assistant [email protected]

Uriel Huizache 
Peer Assistant [email protected]