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History Courses

Taking History courses allows you to develop a better understanding of the world. If you are intrigued by the past, and you want to learn how it might shape the future, consider earning a History degree. If you major in History, you’ll gain transferable skills in critical thinking, research, and writing. 

  • Take courses that satisfy UC and Cal State transfer requirements.
  • Earn a History Degree.

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History Courses

History Courses

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Women in Leadership summit. Four women pose with a framed award.
Women in Leadership

The Women in Leadership conference and awards honors women's achievements historically and in the present day.

Women in Leadership
Male student with glasses smiles. He wears a gray polo shirt and has slicked back dark hair.
Honors Program

Reach your full potential in Honors History courses in subjects including Western Civilization, U.S. History, or World History. 

Honors Program
Scales of Justice - a small bronze statue.
Political Science

Examine the structure of government and political systems, as well as the way people and institutions interact.

Political Science
Courses to Consider

World map (old-fashioned looking) with a magnifying glass laying on top of it.
World History to 1500 (HIS 015)

A survey of World Civilization from prehistoric times to 1500. Emphasis is on the major political, economic, social, cultural and intellectual movements that have molded world societies. 

Big Sur coastline in NorCal with famous bridge.
History and Geography of California (HIS 017B)

Examine California's geography, Native Americans of California, institutions of Spanish California, developments during Mexican and early American period, and more.

The Great Wall of China.
History of East Asia (HIS 031)

History of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and related countries and regions in East Asia with emphasis on political, social, and economic development and their interaction with the West.

The Proclamation of Independence with visible text, "We the People" sits on top of an American flag.
History of the U.S. to 1877 (HIS 017A)

The development of American government and culture from colonial through Civil War and Reconstruction periods

A young woman in Los Angeles holds a sign up that reads "We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back." Various types of women are seen behind her, holding signs and walking.Women's Issues Past and Present (HIS 033)

The historical study of major women's issues and movements from colonial times to the modern era.

Latinx male student in library with books under his arm.

Related Programs

History falls under the umbrella of the Humanities. You might also consider these related disciplines.

History Degree Jobs
Skills Needed
  • Problem solving ability
  • Sophisticated research skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Consideration of information from various perspectives
  • Strong writing abilities
Select Careers for History Majors

While some of these positions require an advanced degree, others only require an undergraduate degree in Humanities (or in a related discipline.) In general, the more education you obtain, the more careers you will qualify for.

  • Attorney or Paralegal
  • Librarian or Archivist
  • Writer or Journalist
  • Editor
  • Political Scientist
  • Archeologist or Anthropologist
  • High School History Teacher