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Administrative Justice

Examine human behavior and society.

Administrative Justice Degree

Earning an associate's degree for transfer in Administrative Justice from Mission allows you build the foundation you need to work in law enforcement, criminal justice, court administration, the judicial system, corrections, public or private security, or in a related field. Flexible online classes are available.

Seamless Transfer

If you complete the program, make a seamless transfer to a CSU program of study in corrections, criminal law, criminology, and justice studies. 

Class Schedule
Administrative Justice Courses

  • Study criminal justice and community, criminal law, and more.
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Course Descriptions
Courses to Consider

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Police badge from the WVM district.

Sociology of Criminology (SOC 047)

Crime and criminal behavior. Emphasis on the study of victims, prevention of crime, prosecution, and rehabilitation.

Group of smiling multicultural college students.Community & Justice System (SOC 040)

Examine the complex relationship between communities and the justice system. Examine the challenges of administering justice in a diverse multicultural population.

Two college-aged students hold a sign that reads "I Value Black Lives" Handprints in various bright colors decorate the white sign.Intro to Race & Ethnicity (SOC 021)

An intro to the sociological analysis of race, ethnicity, and racism. 

Scales of justice. Brass lady balancing scales.
Intro to Corrections (SOC 058)

A history and critical analysis of punishment, the various types of punishment, alternatives to punishment, and the impact of punishment on the criminal justice system.

Busy night in Times Square. Lots of people are crossing the street.
Social Problems (SOC 002)

A sociological analysis of contemporary social problems.

Career Outlook
Skills Needed
  • Integrity
  • Empathy and Compassion
  • Adaptability
  • Ability to Evaluate and Understand Surroundings
  • Listening and Observation
  • Effective Communication
  • Ability to Resolve Conflicts
Career Paths
If you don't know what to major in, or you already have a major but don't know how it translates into a career, start here. At Mission we can help you research your major and career options so you can make informed decisions. Read more about Career paths.
Select Jobs in the Field
  • Border Protection Officer
  • Customs Agent
  • Law Enforcement including police and FBI
  • Social Services
  • Probation Officer
  • U.S. Postal Inspector
  • Corrections or Probation Officer
  • Lawyer