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Group of adults, one male and four female, stand in a circle and exercise. The are inside a fitness studio.

Kinesiology Degree

What is Kinesiology?

Study Movement and Health

As a Kinesiology major and future Kinesiologist, you'll use your knowledge of human physiology and movement to improve people's lives through movement.

  • Transfer to a UC or Cal State to earn a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree.
  • Take an exercise class for fun or health.
  • Join the Mission Dance Company.
Class Schedule
Kinesiology Classes

Kinesiology Classes

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I pretty much got into community college, not knowing how to college, I got very lost after the first two community colleges and ended up here at Mission College. I surrounded myself with like-minded individuals by joining a kinesiology club. School is very important to me because with my parents coming from the Philippines, they didn't have these opportunities. I have a passion for learning and an even deeper passion for teaching.

Kim Pajarillo '17

Athletic Strength Training Major

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Courses to Consider

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A woman grips a weight in front of her. Weight Training - Introduction (KIN 035A)

Enhance your muscular fitness and overall body tone. Increase understanding of weight training, including safety and proper lifting techniques.

An illustration of a human chest and arm with bones and muscles labeled.Anatomy and Kinesiology - Introduction (KIN 074)

Learn about the major muscles of the body. Analyze activity and identify movement patterns, and muscle groups.

An female African-American college student with long braids tied on the top of her head is sitting with her legs crossed and hands resting on each knee. She is on the beach.

Hatha Yoga - Introduction (KIN 061A)

Learn basic Hatha yoga poses with an emphasis on form and body alignment. Improve Strength, flexibility, and balance.

The back of a fire fighter's head is pictured, he wears a yellow helmet and a blue t-shirt that reads "Mission College Fire Technology"

Fire Agility - Introduction (KIN-039A)

Practice the specific skills required to pass a physical agility firefighting test. Non-Fire Tech students welcome.

Ballet dancer. A young woman of Asian descene wears a long-sleeved black shirt and raises her arms to the left in a dance move. She dances in a studio with mirrors.

Ballet - Introduction (KIN 041A)

Designed to introduce students to the discipline, aesthetics, traditions, and historical background of classical ballet.

Two female students sit in a college building working on laptops. They are laughing.Stress Management through Exercise (Kin 069)

Identify the stress process and how it relates to personal health and exercise. Develop exercise routines and intervention strategies.

A close-up of two men practicing Aikido. One is pinned and the other crouches above him. Only their torsos and hands are visible.

Aikido - Introduction (Kin 051A)

Gain an introduction to the philosophy, principles, and physical techniques of Aikido. A non-violent martial art form, Aikido emphasizes harmony to resolve conflicts.

Girl holding basketball.
Varsity Sports

Join a varsity team, we are state-ranked in basketball and baseball.

Varsity Sports
Ballet dancing
Mission Dance Company

Like to Dance and perform? Join our dance company.

Dance Company
Nutrition courses.
Nutrition Courses

Nutritional Science is  connected to food science, chemistry, and biology.

Nutrition Courses

What Can You do with a Kinesiology Degree?
Kinesiology Salary
Skills Needed
  • Active listening and communication ability.
  • Ability to give instruction and monitor situations.
  • Service-orientated mentality.
  • Maintain physical fitness.
  • Able to assessment clients/students.
  • Compassion and Empathy.
Explore Career Paths
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Kinesiology Careers
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Athletics Director
  • Coach or Scout
  • Athletics Trainer
  • Sports Manager
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Personal Trainers
  • Physical Therapists, Chiropractor, or Occupational Therapists
  • Nutritionists or Dietitians
  • Sports Medicine
  • Teachers and Professors