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Study Nutritional Science

Nutritional Science is a dynamic field of study with connections to food science, chemistry and biology. It is a discipline that investigates how nutrients are taken in by the body, broken down and utilized.

Through the study of nutrition, chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer can be better understood and perhaps even prevented.

In a larger context, nutritional science examines how the environment is connected with the nutritional status of populations. This is a discipline that crosses cultures and looks at the health implications of a variety of foods.

Career Options
  • Registered Dietitian (R.D.)
  • Dietetic Technician (Registered)
  • Dietetic Service Supervisor
  • Food Service Manager
  • Nutrition Researcher
  • Nutrition Counselor (R.D. advised)
  • Hospital Dietetics (R.D. required)
  • Sports Nutrition (R.D. advised)
  • Nursing Homes
  • Private Practice Consultant (R.D. advised)
  • Food Service Inspector (R.D. advised)
  • Nutrition Educator (R.D. advised)
  • WIC Counselor
  • Food Manufacturing (test kitchens)

* Most of these careers require education beyond the Associate Degree level. Let the Transfer Center help you with your educational and career goals.

Nutritional Science Courses

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Nutrition & Disease

Learn the nutrients in food that lead to treating diseases in NTR 040.

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Human Nutrition

Learn the principles of maintaining good health and preventing disease with NTR 015.

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Nutrition for Kids

Learn the proper nutrition technics for children with NTR 052.

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Get Healthy

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Cook Healthy

Learn to cook healthy with one of our hospitality management classes.

Hospitality Management
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Get Fit

Staying fit and keeping a healthy diet are two ways to determine a long and healthy life. Why not take a class in dance, weight training or athletics?

Kinesiology Dept
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Healthy Kids

If you like working with children, Child Development might be a career for you.

Child Development
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Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy life. Consider a career in Nursing.

Nursing Program

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Interested in a Career in STEM

Find out about all the interesting careers associated with the STEM field. 

STEM Programs