link Get Started with Handshake (Instructions)

Getting Started with Handshake

Jobbs and Internships are available via Handshake. Accounts are free to Mission College students.


1. Login to Handshake

If your school has partnered with Handshake, you should have a link from the email we sent you. If you don't have that email, try going to the Handshake login page, and search for Mission College from the dropdown menu to proceed. (Schools are listed in alphabetical order, and only the first 25 are shown.)

Once you've selected Mission, sign in by either using your school's login option or by entering your WVM email address. If there isn't an account on file for you, you'll be prompted to set up an account. Select "I'm a student or Alumni" to proceed with account creation.

2. Upload a Resume

You'll likely want to have a public resume available in Handshake for employers (and the Career Center team) to see. To learn more about how to upload a document, refer to How to Upload a New Document. Once you've uploaded a resume, you can use it to fill in your profile — refer to Build Profile from Resume for more information.

3. Fill out Your Profile

If there are already details in your profile, this means Mission and Handshake has pre-loaded your information, usually based on data from the school registrar. Check to be sure all pre-loaded information is correct, especially your major and GPA (if included.)

If you find any errors, contact us to correct it, as Handshake is unable to change any of your profile data. For more information on filling out your profile, refer to How to Drive Profile Completion.

4. Explore Handshake!

Use your home page, the top search bar, and filters to look for companies and jobs you're interested in learning more about or applying to. Remember, you can always save your searches in Handshake, so finding relevant employers and jobs will be easy.

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