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Engage ETS Support

Urgent Service Requests
Use the ETS help ticket system: 

ETS staff receive new ticket alerts when you submit a work ticket. This is the fastest way to alert staff and if available, a technician will respond promptly. Phone calls or trying to find one of us in our offices in the TAV building are less effective ways to get help if the problem you are encountering in a college classroom, conference room, or other area needs immediate attention.

Connecting Your Personal Equipment to College Technology
We have provided VGA, HDMI, and (in the SEC Building) Mini Display Port cables for your convenience in every classroom if you want to connect your own personal portable devices.

PLEASE NOTE: ETS cannot be responsible for problems you encounter regarding compatibility, settings, or the condition of any personal devices you choose to connect. We cannot guarantee that your personal device will display or function properly when connected in one of our classrooms. We are happy to assist with checking the functionality of the cables used to connect personal devices to our classroom technology. However, we are unable to assist with troubleshooting and/or modifying the settings on your personal device. You should always carry backup presentation materials on portable storage for use on the provided lectern computer.

Help With ETS Equipment 
*If your computer does not work, use your phone’s browser to contact ETS.

All Work Order requests are forwarded directly to the ETS team. After 6:00 P.M. please contact the Evening Administrator at 408-590-2657. ETS strives for prompt service, but there may not be staff on hand for an immediate response to all urgent requests.

Classroom Instructional Equipment Assistant

Locate the User Guide on the desktop of this computer. If further assistance is needed the Work Order system is bookmarked on all web browsers on the instructor’s computer. Your Administrative Specialist or Evening Administrator can help find other possible options.

• Contact your department’s Administrative Specialist for the instructor computer’s login password.
• Do not leave the password visible.
• Do not share the password with students or other unauthorized users.
• When leaving, shutdown the PC, Doc Cam, and press “Display Off” to power off the projectors.