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How to Register for ESL or NCE Classes

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Future Students can follow these steps to register for courses.

  1. Application: Apply Online.
  2. Within a few days, look for your student ID number in an email from the college.
  3. Assessment
  4. Orientation:
    • Credit students: Attend an orientation in English, Spanish, or Vietnamese.
    • Noncredit students: Orientation is not required.
  5. Counseling: All students should speak with a counselor about course recommendations, major and general education requirements.
  6. Registration in My Mission Portal
    1. Register for credit and/or noncredit classes.
    2. Pay fees for credit classes.
  7. Lean about Financial Aid.

Late Adds

Students often find Mission after classes have already started.  If there is space available in a noncredit (NCE) class, new students may be able to add into the class after the first two weeks of the semester.  (Late adds are not possible for credit ESL classes.) Please follow these steps for noncredit late adds:

  1. Fill out the application and get a student ID. (Steps 1 and 2 above) 
  2. Contact the instructor of the class you wish to add (or contact the department chair, Amelia Akers-Martin). Ask the instructor if there is space in the class for a new student.
  3. If there is space available, the instructor will send you an add code for that class through email. An add code is a 4 digit number to use in registration.
  4. Complete the add form:   Mission College Add/Drop Form
  5. The instructor will link you with the Welcome Center for help in registration.  Tell the Welcome Center that you have an add code and wish to add into a NCE class.
  6. After your registration is processed, email the instructor to tell him/her which day you will begin class. 

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