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Retrain and re-tool your skills.

Areas We Have Courses In

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Classes to Consider
Speciality Programs Offered
SAP Program (ACC and BUS courses)

Learn the world's No. 1 computing software-- SAP! SAP is the world's largest provider of enterprise application software, with technology that supports business management fundamentals to the most sophisticated analytics requirements. We have joined SAP's University Alliances of 3,200 educational institutions in over 111 countries to integrate SAP into our teaching.

Business Information Professional (CAP and BUS courses)

The Business Information Professional Pathway and Certificate equip you with the technical, communication and management skills in just three semesters to advance your career. It is designed to prepare students for  entry-level office and administrative  support positions (such as office administrative specialists, customer service reps, information  clerks, and  office managers)in a variety of business workplace environments.


Working with numbers is essential to running a business, we offer classes in our Accounting program in:

  • Financial (ACC 001A) and Managerial Accounting (ACC 001B)
  • Insurance Planning (ACC 041)
  • Tax Planning (ACC 043), Business Entities (ACC 051B) and Payroll (ACC 052)
  • Financial Auditing (ACC 059A)
  • Accounting Information Systems / SAP software (ACC 073)

Find out more from our Accounting department.

Business (including start-ups)

Business can mean a lot of things, we try to break it down into segments with classes in:

  • Principles of E-Business (BUS 022)
  • Business Law (BUS 028A)
  • Professional Selling (BUS 040)
  • Human Resources Management (BUS 118)
  • Leadership (BUS 102)
  • Soft Skills for Project Managers (BUS 107)
  • Starting a Food Truck (FDR 106A)
  • Food Purchasing (FDR 055)
  • Food, Beverage and Labor Cost Controls (FDR 058)
  • Food Services Facilities Planning (FDR 0060A)

Find out more from our Graphic Design, Business or Hospitality departments.

Marketing & Web/Graphic Design

Getting the word out with professional looking collateral is essential for a strong business.

  • Marketing Principles (BUS 056A)
  • Social Media Marketing (BUS 023)
  • Web Design with HTML/CSS (GDS 045)
  • Web Animation (GDS 047)
  • Page Layout and Typography (GDS 060)
  • User Experience (GDS 070)

Find out more from our Graphic Design and Business departments.

IT and Computer Support

Computers run the back end of our companies, gain the skills necessary to make them run.

  • Linux (CIS 045, CIS 046)
  • Python (CIS 007, CIS 008)
  • Routing and Switchers (CIT 022)
  • Cisco Networking (CIT 021-CIT 024)
  • Javascript (GDS 089)

Find out more about our classes in CSIT or Graphic Design departments.

Communication and ESL

Mission College offers a variety of resources to communicate clearer

  • Business Communications (BUS 078B)
  • Effective Writing (ENG 908)
  • We offer a number of ESL classes as well for non-native speakers, visit us at
Year Up Program & Internships

Mission College is partnering with the nationally respected organization Year Up, which offers:

  • Hands-on training.
  • Real world corporate access.
  • A six month internship.
  • Support from not only Mission College’s staff, but Year Up staff.

Those certificates are in IT Help Desk Technician, Data Analyst and Project Coordinator.

Why Mission College for Business
Why Take a Class
  • Upgrade your skills.
  • Gain hands-on and real-world experience.
  • Take online or evening classes.
  • Classes are affordable classes at $46 per unit (which could be covered by your employer.)
  • Earn a degree or certificate
  • Increase your value as an employee and build your resume.
  • Ttake your career in a different direction
Companies That Use Us
  • Small business
  • Healthcare
  • Tech
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-profits
  • Education

See a list of our many community partners.

Careers for Business Professionals
  • Entrepreneur/business owner
  • Legal administration
  • Paralegal
  • Marketing assistant or manager
  • Project manager
  • Accountant
  • Office manager or administrator
  • Administrative assistant
Speciality Programs

We can also customize a program for your business, big or small, email us [email protected].

Degrees and Certificates

We also offer degrees and certificates in a number of areas including 

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Computer Programming / CSIT
  • Graphic Design
  • Hospitality Management

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